Sheet Vinyl

What is sheet vinyl?

Linoleum flooring and sheet vinyl flooring often get mistaken for each other by homeowners who are searching for sheet flooring that will look good for the long haul. Both floor types are indeed tough and long-lasting, and can be installed pretty much anywhere.

But there are some important differences between the two:

Homeowners usually prefer vinyl and view it as a more modern-day flooring. While vinyl or linoleum can be used in residential settings, vinyl has become more popular in recent years because of its style selection, how easy it is to maintain over time, and the ease of installation. And because with vinyl you can get flooring looks like real hardwood and natural stone, people are decorating with vinyl in every room of the house (even living areas and bedrooms!).

Linoleum has been around for more than a century and used to be common in homes, but as increasingly durable and realistic-looking modern flooring options have emerged, linoleum has become less popular for residential use. It's an excellent choice in settings that demand a long-lasting floor that holds up under heavy wear — which explains its frequent use in hospitals, schools and commercial spaces. Most linoleum is in sheet form, which requires full-spread adhesive. Since linoleum is so stiff it can be difficult for a DIYer and may be best left to a professional installer. For the best durability, most installations recommend applying a protective seam sealant right away.

If you're seeking a floor that will remain beautiful for many years to come, you can't go wrong with either linoleum or vinyl flooring — however linoleum requires more effort to retain its durability.

Both linoleum and vinyl offer durability, but vinyl comes out on top.

Is Sheet Vinyl Waterproof?

Sheet vinyl is made with waterproof materials, such as PVC, which makes this flooring option perfect for water prone areas of the home. Sheet vinyl is a great fit for any room in your home, but it exceeds expectations in the kitchen, laundry room, basement, and the bathrooms. Silicone around the toilet and tub in your bathroom for a complete water tight floor.

Sheet vinyl are a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entry ways. They can provide a seamless floor for high water areas. With new patterns from tile looks to classic wood grains as well as a large selection of vintage looks with tons of colour!

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